Getting to know Stockholm..

Well i´ve never been in Stockholm this long before but now when we are living here for three weeks i´m starting to see the things i missed out on when passing through all these years. I made a list:

  1. People are kind and helpful
  2. Taxi drivers are really helpful
  3. It´s fun to be a “Latte father” in Stockholm (many coffee places here even though I don´t drink it that much)
  4. Two of my closest friends live here and (one of them just got a baby girl and the other takes me to the gym)
  5. The Pizzerias are great (not the average “Svenne fettplatta” here no. Nice thin and crispy bottoms)
  6. You ride free of charge on the buses if you have a pram with you. (with a child in it)

I´m sure I will add to this list as we proceed. Curious to see if there will be any negative impressions, so far so good..

I borrowed this pic from the Internet

I borrowed this pic from the Internet (so this one I haven´t tasted)


2 Responses to “Getting to know Stockholm..”

  1. Ola Says:

    Hallå Martin(ique)

    Va kul att du har börjat blogga, vi kommer följa er med spänning! Hälsa familjen, vi hörs!


  2. Erina Says:


    Thank you for this blog 🙂 It’s really exciting to read news about you, Helena, Per and the band!

    Waiting for pictures from rehearsals! And see you on tour 😉

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