Today we took a nice breakfast at Coffeehouse by George. Warm sandwiches, a blueberry smoothie and hot chocolate. It was actually the same Coffehouse we visited when Helena was promoting her album and we played at NK (the big shopping house right outside). I give the breakfast 5 strings out of 6. The hot chocolate was a 6 stringer.

The first breakfast outside the flat

The first breakfast outside the flat




7 Responses to “Breakfast”

  1. Ilya Says:

    Wow!!!! Cool!!!! Helena looks so funny!))))
    I wish I could have larger versions to print and then to sign when I see you…)))))) *sorry, can’t stand, you look so cute and funny indeed*

  2. Kamila Says:

    The sandwiches look delicious. So do the drinks. Yummy! Good luck with the rehearsal!

  3. elena Says:

    nice to read all your entries, can i make a short story on our site about this blog?

    i send Helena the questions for interview on her site, on the guest book section so i hope she finds some time to answer us. Looking forward to see you. i will come to Prague.

    do you have a babysitter when rehearsing?


    • martiniquemusic Says:

      Hi Elena. Of course, break the news to everyone out there! Send the questions, I will tell her and we´ll see when she gets the time to answer. No babysitter but we have bought a very advanced robot that can do everything from feeding, talking to him, dressing him, walking with him and so on..

  4. Jaap Says:

    I’m very curious about your performances during the Per Gessle tour…
    Good luck for the coming weeks!!!

  5. jorge luis Says:

    hej helena mi name is jorge luis from lima peru good girl eejejej goos bye

  6. jorge luis Says:

    hello you are very beautiful when I see you next to me like a lot of people you have a pretty good eejejej you’m a fan of you and greetings to friends per per and I hope you come lima peru helena adios besos hermosa chica Swedish

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