Stage clothes

Hi again! The weekend is over and i´m back behind the screen. My policy is to not blog during the weekends and to give my readers the rest they deserve from their screens. A computer is a time stealer, never forget that. The real life is outside your door. But as I said, i´m back on track and this first post after this weekend is about stage clothes.

Helena and I have been wondering what to wear on stage for quite some time now. I had an idea of what could work for me and back home I bought the bottom half of my stage clothes. I´ve been searching in Stockholm for the right thing to have on top but with no luck. Everything either felt too much or too varm. But this weekend we tock a stroll on the streets in Söder and we both hit the jackpot. I will not say what we found cause that would be to spoil the surprise for you. But I can tell you that one of the colours I will be wearing is white. What I found this weekend is in this bag and I hope it will do the job:

I tried to get a sponorship from this shop but that went against their policy unfortunately.

I tried to get a sponorship from this shop but that went against their policy unfortunately.


4 Responses to “Stage clothes”

  1. Ilya Says:

    Hej!) I was always wondering how you choose and how you buy clothes for the performance. I thought you make a special order for it, or even buy from abroad… Never though you just buy it in a local mall…))))))

    By the way, do you and Helena keep all the clothes you used during the tour? Do you use them sometimes after the tour – for going out or something?

    Thanks. Have a splendid week!!))

    • martiniquemusic Says:

      Hej! Well sometimes you buy them yourself from a shop, sometimes you make them yourself along with a designer or sometimes you get sponered by a brand to use their clothes during a tour (see upcoming post..) We keep the clothes and some of them we use when not performing too. It depends however, we couldn´t go out in any Sandy Mouche outfits since they are specially made for the stage and it would look like you´d escaped from a circus if you hit the streets with them.

  2. elena Says:

    I saw Helena’s dress, she will look so lovely in it. I was wondering what kind of shoes she will have, with high heels?

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