The production rehersal next

Today the band finished their last normal rehersal. I had mine yesterday. It feels like everybody is starting to feel that the tour is closing in on us and it feels like we´re becoming a team more and more with feeling. The bands setlist is ready and mine too. On monday the production rehersals begin.

The difference is that these rehersals are suppose to simulate how it will be on tour, with a stage, with lights and sound bursting out fom the audience speakers. On monday we´ll try it and on tuesday we´ll try it in front of a small audience consisting of people from the record company and invited friends. Should be nervous but fun.

(My camera is having trouble giving the SD-card all the movies we film so I will try and fix that cause we had a great movie from the rehersals for you guys but unfortunately it seems to be lost. You can see it in the camera but it doesn´t seem to be on the SD-card. If someone has had the same problem please share your knowledge. I use a Canon FS100 camera with a Sandisk Extreme lll 30mb grade 6 card on to a Macbook pro….stop you freak!!!)

However, this little fella managed to get stuck on the card so hope it´s better than nothing:

One of my favourite songs off the Party Crasher cd…can you hear which one? Of course you can, your´re music lovers for crying out loud!


6 Responses to “The production rehersal next”

  1. elena Says:

    nice one, thanks, my favorite song too. Can you upload pictures from the concert from Tuesday?

  2. Ilya Says:

    Marty, you’re a very good guy, can you make a favour to thousands of fans out there?

    If you’ve listened to an album, you might have noticed, that this pretty song stops suddenly and very unexpected. There’re tones of argues about how that could happen? Can you ask Per or even Helena, who took part in recording, why the song stops so unpredictable? Why doesn’t it have any logical calm ending?
    Is it a spoilage in production or they just thought to make the song end like this?

    Thank you and have a great weekend!!!
    See you soon!)

  3. Sabi Says:

    Please fix your camera! I really wanna see the videos!

    Jag älskar Gessle!!!!

  4. Sarah Says:

    Oh wow ‘doesn’t make sense’ is my absolute favourite track from the album! thanks for sharing this video with us 🙂

    @Ilya; I would say the last reason you mention is the right one. of course they decided to end the song like this on purpose…it fits too i think.

  5. Ilya Says:

    @ Sarah, thanks for your message. We thought so too, because the LP has the same problem. It could also be the spoil at the recording…

  6. Anderson Trevisan Says:

    Martinique, this is my favourite song from Party Crasher. And your video is very good, thanx! Waiting for Party Crasher tour in Brazil… \o/
    And waiting for the new Sandy Mouche album, too…

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