Helsinki, Finland (Tavastia Club)

So, the first real show is over for me and i´m in a nice soft bed at the hotel reporting to you. Tavastia Club is a nice venue with a real rock vibe to it. My performance went well and i´m very happy. I was actually less nervous than at the second production rehersal. The audince was kind to me. Some of them talking of course but many looked to be with me as I went on. Thanks for that. I also got some warm applauses from the guys backstage which made me smile. The Swedish press was there. Let´s see if they write something about little me too..don´t think so.

Per & Co have finished their set by now and are probably heading for the hotel….or out somewhere…..without me…..(i´m a great father). Mr X was as always present and seemed to enyoy all the graffitti and writings on the walls backstage (the wall were covered by them, very rocky as I said before). He is now sleeping as a baby in his baby bed.

Sorry to say that this post doesn´t have any pictures or movies from the show. As i´m not a pro-blogger yet I forgot to check the life in the cameras and when it was time to shoot, the machines were all dead. Better luck next time. I´ll try to post something after each show but I can´t promise you anything, depends on many things.

Have a great night and dream of good things.

I have updated my guitar strap which you will see in coming posts

I have updated my guitar strap which you will see in coming posts


17 Responses to “Helsinki, Finland (Tavastia Club)”

  1. ailsa Says:

    Great to hear that it went so well!!! 😀 really looking forward to the show in Copenhagen! greetz from england!

  2. Ilya Says:

    Well done!))))) I thought to wait for the set list, but as the show was delayed, it seems I will read it only tomorrow in the morning.
    Thank you for your blog, you write a lot of interesting things….))))
    Have a good night..)

  3. Sabi Says:

    Thank you for blogging! Looking forward to more details!

  4. Anderson Trevisan Says:

    I gonna be waiting for the news and pics!

  5. Barre Says:

    U look really nice, my friend…:) The new and very handsome Yngwe??

    Kul att kolla din blogg! Gillar din humoristiska framtoning i Live-reportagen.

    • martiniquemusic Says:

      Tjena kompis! Kul att du har hittat hit =) Vi får ses snart igen. Japp, gitarren är i exakt samma höjd som Yngwies =), tack!

  6. slowmove Says:

    Fick du någon EP och/eller tröja såld då? Hoppas det finns kvar på måndag så man kan köpa =)

  7. Kamila Says:

    It’s strange. I was here some time after 10pm and there weren’t any new posts form you. There must be something wrong with my Internet connection or what? Doesn’t matter. Thanks enormously for the account after the first concert.

  8. elena Says:

    I look forward to hear and see you in Prague. I just hope my kids will be good staying at home with my husband…:)) So my heart will be divided.

  9. Neil Curran Says:

    Don’t be too disheartened if your applause isn’t that great….it never is for a support act really! I’ll be cheering you on in London!

  10. Evgeny Says:

    Hejsan Martin!
    That was me who asked you to stand with the other guys from Per Gessle’s band for a picture in Helsinki near the entrance door at Tavastia club in Helsinki.
    And we also cheered you up when you entered the stage for the very first time 🙂 Do you remember the guys from the first row? 😉
    Well, for me your songs are good but they don’t suit Per Gessle’s venues at all. You’d better add some up-tempo songs if you have them of course. 🙂
    Anyway, I wish you to have a good time while performing on other shows.
    Be courageous and stay optimistic!
    Hälsningar från Moskva!

  11. Evgeny Says:

    You’re welcome!
    By the way, here are the photographs of you and the band:

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