Oslo (Day off)

We went to the cool opera house where you can walk on the roof and look at the sea. Then we went to a big park.


9 Responses to “Oslo (Day off)”

  1. Ilya Says:

    Oh Gosh, I’ve said this millions of times, but what a beautiful voice does Helena have!))) Her “Fantom of the Opera” is incredible, sad to realise the track wouldn’t be recorded and released in the near future..))

    Seems like you’ve having a great holiday during the tour, you’ll see so much great things!!! Good for you..

    PS> I’m sory to ask, but will be very happy if you reply. I’m editing an article in Wikipedia about Helena and Sandy Mouche in Russian, can I ask the date of your BirthDay (day/month/year)? ;)) Thank you and see you on Saturday!))

  2. Lars-Erik Olson Says:

    Since you mention your camera … and it’s optical zoom IS impressive… I wonder what Make/Model it is? 😉

  3. Kamila Says:

    Does it mean that you are younger than Helena? As far as I can remember she was born 23/03/78. Am I right?
    Are planning to do some sightseeing in other cities as well? Hope to see you strolling in the Old Town and along Krakowskie Przedmiescie in Warsaw. After all the renovation it looks amazing.

    I’m so nervous before the gig because I want to get a lot out of this special day.

    • martiniquemusic Says:

      It means that i´m a little lamb she has taken for dinner. I think we´re going to find the flat my mom grew up in…but I don´t know the address yet.

      • Kamila Says:

        Oh. It might be difficult to find it if you don’t know the address. Hope you remember at least the district she used to live in.

  4. Alison Says:

    Great little videos! 🙂

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