Copenhagen (after match)

Pretty tired after a nice show with fiends in the audience. I will post about the show tomorrow I think, my bed just can´t wait to embrace me…

Two warriors heading home by train in the night......ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

Two warriors heading home by train in the night......ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz


12 Responses to “Copenhagen (after match)”

  1. Ilya Says:

    Very nice picture! 😉 Thank you..

  2. elena Says:

    good night,your son looks a lot with Helena

  3. Margareta Says:

    Thank you Martinique for a fantastic performance! You are great and I want to hear more of this music!
    You look and sound great!
    Good luck with the whole tour!

  4. Mai Says:

    Hey martinque!

    Thank you so much for a fab performance tonite in Cph. I didin´t now you before but I absolutely loved your sound and the songs! I guess you can always count on Gessle to introduce the world to great artist on the way up :o)
    Good luck with everything – I hope you´ll have great succes :o)

    All the best – and thanx again!


  5. Anderson Trevisan Says:

    your baby is a very beautiful child!!
    what’s his name?

  6. Anderson Trevisan Says:

    ps: he really looks like helena…

  7. Alison Says:

    Way to cute! 😉

  8. Kamila Says:

    There’s some resemblance to you as well. I’m looking to your performance a lot. I’ve got to survive a few classes today and tomorrow in the morning and off I go to Warsaw! Can’t believe this is really happening and I’m feeling miserable because I have a hunch that you’ll arrive to Warsaw today.

  9. Alberto Fuente (Lantartida) Says:

    Good luck in the whole tour!

  10. Erik Johansson Says:

    Tack för en fantastisk spelning, hoppas du kände vårt stöd. Vet att det var många i mitt gäng åtminstone som fick ögonen för dig och tyckte du var riktigt bra nu när de väl fick höra dig.

  11. Kamila Says:


    I know you landed in Poland about 16.30. I couldn’t be there because of work but tomorrow after 10 I’m heading towards Warsaw for one of these day which will stay in my mind forever.

  12. martiniquemusic Says:

    Thank you all.

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