Copenhagen, Denmark (Pumpehuset)

After a good night´s sleep i´m back and writing to you from Warsaw. Last night was a good night for everybody in the team I think. Per & Co had a great time and the croud seemed to be really in to it. I was a little bit more nervous this time since I knew a couple of people in the audience. My dear mother-in-law and her sister and their friend were there for example giving me lots of support just like Erik & Co and many more. It felt really nice and I thank the whole audience for helping me do my best.

Musically I think it went well but inside me I was struggeling to keep my feet on the ground but when leaving the stage I felt satisfied. As a support act you don´t expect much at all from the audience cause they´re waiting for the main act of course so i´m entering the stage ready for tomatoes and buuuus (not really) and i´m not expecting much response at all. But this night I felt the love in the air and I thank you all for that (you know who you are).

Can you believe it, a movie managed to get recorded and it is so kind to me, it´s letting me post it right here on the blog.
A little tour of the backstage area at Pumpehuset:

Tomorrow we´ll try and find the flat where my mom grew up near the old town in Warzaw. Then we hit the stage again, can´t wait..


9 Responses to “Copenhagen, Denmark (Pumpehuset)”

  1. Erik Johansson Says:

    Du gjorde det riktigt bra och det värmer att bli nämnd, då har jag gjort ett tillräckligt bra jobb där nere på golvet =)

  2. Ilya Says:

    My Granny’s parents also lived in Warsaw (at least from 1851 as we’ve found the documents), but they were murdered in the ghetto in 1942 because they were Jews, then my Granny moved to the Ukraine. Today was the day to remember the victims of Holocaust here in Israel…

  3. Margareta Says:

    Wow thank you Martinique for this nice video and for your text. We had a great time and you can be sure that your performance was appreciated!
    Lovely video of Helena here- she is a true beauty, you fit well together and the inside matches:o)
    Thanks for letting me see you and of course Mr X- he grows so quickly and is the sweetest baby!

  4. Kamila Says:

    My distant family lives in the Old Town. Magical and beautiful place. With the beginning of spring there’re lots of toursists there, but in winter it’s so calm there.

  5. ailsa Says:

    your set at pumpehuset was fantastic 😀 looking forward to seeing you again in London!

  6. Ana Says:

    This video you filmed backstage is so cute. Now we can see how it looks in your rooms. Please do more videos like this. That´s we wanna see in your blog 😉

    What does Per said?

  7. Bianca Says:

    First of all, Martinique, thx for posting every day all the things that have happenend to u and the crew during this european tour. so for me it feels like im with u all the time 🙂 nice.
    but its such a pity, i CANT WATCH THESE VIDEOS. theres simply NOTHING to see, no button or sth i cud click on. dont know the reason why.
    anyway,im enjoying ur reports a lot! and still i didnt hear even one song from u. im pretty curious. just remember ur voice from sandy mouches album “poems for the unborn”, very nice.
    have a good time! i will be clapping for u (hopefully in the 1st row) in PRAGUE, yippieh yeeh!
    bianca from dresden/germany

  8. Sarah Says:

    can only agree with my friend Ailsa here, you were absolutely great!
    we bought your EP and I will finally have time to listen to it tonight, yessssss.

    have fun tonight and see you again in Amsterdam!

  9. Judith Says:

    haha!!! Per with the hypno-Micke-Syd 😀 😀 😀

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