Videos from the gig in Warsaw

Thanks to Alison you are actually able to see my performance the way the audience sees it. Thank you Alison. If anyone else has videos or pics of my performances don´t be shy, send them over. I will get happy as a little mermaid but like a boy.


11 Responses to “Videos from the gig in Warsaw”

  1. Ilya Says:

    Be sure to get some from Hamburg & Cologne!!!!! I’m flying to Germany today in the evening!!!!))))) Yyyyeeeeeehhaaaaaaa!!!! %))))))))))))

  2. Kamila Says:

    I can place some photos from your concert and our meeting outside the hotel but I’m not sure where to post them. Any ideas?

    I’ve been listening to the EP today. Very pleasant and relaxing music.

  3. Alison Says:

    Kamila, try PHOTOBUCKET for a free account, it’s really easy to upload them there and post the links here for Martinique to see!

    Thanks for the post, glad you liked the videos! I’ll aim to do some more in Zurich! 😉

    I also took some good photos of you also! Here you can see them in a decent size!

    See you soon! Hope you and Helena have a fantastic weekend!


  4. Friends & Friendships « Genius Gone Wrong Says:

    […] another concert more Gessle plus I want to see Martinique again on the stage – I get a mention on his blog because of the videos I took of him! I am exhausted, I am not sure right now if I am capable of […]

  5. Neil Curran Says:

    I really like those songs actually. Nice guitar solo at the end there!!

  6. Neil Curran Says:

    Not sure if youve already seen these, but there are some fantastic photos of the Prague gig here:
    There are 4 photos of your performance at the bottom as well as some nice pictures of helena. These arent my photos, but they were posted by TDR on facebook

  7. Alison Says:

    Oh those are nice photo of the Prague gig!

  8. Kamila Says:

    Three photos from the meeting outside the hotel. Thank you once again for posing and the autographs. 🙂

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