Prague, Česká republika (Luccerna Hall)

So i´m slowly beginning to mix the gigs in my head…bbuuöööhhhh….the days are passing fast and i´m just home from the Hamburg gig. I don´t have the time to write about each gig the night it happens I now understand. But I will write about the Prague gig now.

A very nice venue this one. Old hall with several floors and with an old snirklish touch to it. It was  joy being on that stage. And the Prague people did a good job in making me feel like the main act…well almost. Really kind you were to me young jedi masters. They/you gave me an “Ok” for my “Good evening” in your language which I had practiced a few times before entering the hall. Maybe 800-900 people in the audience gave me a really nice experience on stage. This night I was white on top as well, thanks for the tip Helena, I thought it looked good seeing some photos of it later on. So what to do now, shall I write about the Hamburg gig right now?? Or post a link that Neil gave me to some photos of the Prague gig?? Yes I´ll do that, post the link.

In the bottom you will find little me: (may not work with Firefox, didn´t for me)

Backstage Prague:

A little clip from the side of the stage when Per & Co are playing in Prague:

Tomorrow a nice review of the Hamburg gig will follow among other great stuff.
Nighty night for now……ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz


10 Responses to “Prague, Česká republika (Luccerna Hall)”

  1. Bianca Says:

    hello martinique!
    prague show was good, ur performance too. u seemed so shy to me and a bit excited too about how the audience wud i wrong?u shud have more self-confidence!! well, i think they all liked ur music a lot.
    i dont know much about u but my feeling is that u and helena are one of a kind! cute.
    keep on doing the gud work!

  2. Ana Says:

    Tack Tack Tack for all backstage films! Love them all. Please do some more! Thank you very much. Puss.

  3. Alison Says:

    The little videos are great! Make sure you get plenty of rest on your day off! 🙂 Have fun today!

  4. Daniel Says:

    Funka lá bra i eld räven här….

    Riktiga Rock foton!

  5. Kamila Says:

    I hope you had plenty of rest before the upcoming 3 gigs in a row. I’m a bit back to normal after the Warsaw concert but my left leg still hurts a little after jumping like a madman or rather like a madwoman throughout the entire performance. Alison probably knows what I’m talkig about as I stood next to her. 🙂 Nevertheless, it reminds me of that beautiful night. I have lots of work but I’ll try to stay in tune with the latest news you post here.

    Say “Hi” to Helena.

    P.S. How is Mr X coping with the whole thing, that is travelling, new place every day etc?

    • martiniquemusic Says:

      He is going to be a pop star or a professional in some sport so he likes the travelling training.

  6. regnetsdrottning Says:


    good performance in Prague! I liked it! Can´t be easy to perform for people who are awaiting Gessle, Gessle, Gessle :-)) But you did very well! I hope you´ll do some more live appearances in the future. Sending best greetings to everyone, and wish you (to all of you) have a good rest of the tour!


  7. elena Says:

    i’ve been there cheering you up, in the front row, hope you remember me, and i would like to interview you for our site, if you ‘d like so…

  8. elena Says:

    yeap i will, i will prepare them

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