Hamburg, Germany (Grunspan)

A little place with a rock vibe. Two levels for the audience that were really packed together which gave the whole concert a nice heat and presence. My performance went well and i´m starting to try new melodies in the singing on couple of songs. The crowd pomised me that they would have a great night when I shouted -Have a great night, promise me that!!! – Yeahh!!! And as i´ve heard from the band afterwards it was a great night indeed for them. It´s nice to be in Germany.

The perfect backstage for us since there was a little green spot outside on the back of the venue where we got nice grilled food and Mr X could sleep well out in the fresh air, nice.


You can see his hand

Grill time, in a green spot, is summer here?

Grill time, in a green spot, is summer here?

Backstage and the band going on:

The heat is on!

The heat is on!

We managed to squeeze in a work out today to get the pulse up a bit and it felt good. Köln tomorrow, have to sleep sleep.


One Response to “Hamburg, Germany (Grunspan)”

  1. Kamila Says:

    Looking at these videos I get a bit melancholic while sitting and preparing a test for my dear students. Stark reality wakes me up every morning. It’s good to have memories. They’re something to cherish when you’re fed up with work.

    Thank you.

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