Send pics and videos

Thank you for the pics and videos you are sending me. Keep doing that. I will post some of them.


8 Responses to “Send pics and videos”

  1. paps Says:

    Nice work Martin and I really liked your guitar solo.
    For your info, Magocho won the eggs picking tournament.

    • martiniquemusic Says:

      Hi Dad =) Thank you! Congratulate her from me, she has that winner instinct in this competition, I feel it everytime I´m up agains her egg. Kram!

  2. elena Says:

    where do i send them? here? i’ll post a link to your blog later this evening

  3. tomos85 Says:

    From Warsaw, taken by Blue Girl:


  4. elena Says:

    here you find pictures with you , and on the same site you find videos from Gessle concert in high quality and you can see Helena very well. Hope you can download them fast :))

    Nice to meet you there.

    PS. Nice songs, i liked two in particularly. You should publish somewhere the words and some snippets, so the next shows, people will at least join you singing them

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