Pics from Warsaw and Prague

Thank you for these Blue girl (Warsaw):



Thank you Kamila (Warsaw):

It was nice meeting you too Kamila

It was nice meeting you too Kamila

The gang

The gang

Thank you for these Elena (Prague):


7 Responses to “Pics from Warsaw and Prague”

  1. www.T2.SK Says:

    Source of photos from Elena.

  2. tomos85 Says:

    And Blue Girl is having b’day today! 🙂 What a nice present! 🙂

  3. Kamila Says:

    He, he hej.

    I had almost a week abstinence from the Internet and what I see when I’m back: two of my photos are here. Thank you so much for placing them here. I feel so overjoyed and I can feel the tension connected with the tour come back. The tension was the main reason why I wanted to cut myself off from all the news for a while and concentrate more on work and family life. I hope you’re having fun there in other European cities. 🙂

  4. Gosia Says:

    Hi, I’m Gosia from Warsaw. I couldn’t be at PG concert because of my pregnancy (9th month), but I can watch all pictures and other materials.
    I’m reading Your blog with a real pleasure. It’s great idea to write down all thoughts, memories and share it with fans. I’m also pleased to read about Your wonderful child, who is all the time with You, it’s great, he will be as musical as you from the beginning 🙂 I’m a mother of 1,5 year old girl Magda and as I said I will be double mother very soon (also a girl :))
    I have only one “but”. While watching these photos from Warsaw I’ve noticed that you carry Your son in hard structured baby carrier, and in position “front to the world”. It’s not healthy for Your baby and for your’s back also. Reasons against: The baby is sitting on the crotch, witch is not comfortable, especially for boys. The back is not supported properly because it is being pressed against the stomach/chest of the carrier. The baby’s head is not supported correctly either. The baby can “look” forward, but can’t look into your face to find support in disturbing situations – crowds of people, sudden and loud noises, flashes of light, etc.
    I’m carrying my baby (and I will be with second one) in a sling (a piece of special material) or in soft structured carriers.
    If You have any questions please contact me via mail.
    Hugs and kissess, Gosia 😀

    • martiniquemusic Says:

      Hi! Congratulations to your second child! Thank you for the advice, he has his own water bed once we´re at the hotels.

  5. Blue_Girl Says:

    Hej Martin 🙂

    More pix from Warsaw for you (taken by my boyfriend Wojtek):

    Btw, nice Strat 😀

    Why didn’t you show up at meet&greet after the Warsaw gig? Lots of people were looking for you and Helena 🙂

    • martiniquemusic Says:

      Great thx. Well, it would have been great to meet you all but at all the shows except for maybe one or two I leave early so that Mr X doesn´t need to spend so much time backstage. Lets hope there will be some more chances to meet 😉

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