Zürich, Schweiz (Kaufleuten)

Metallica played here. The Red Hot Chili Peppers several times. A beautiful venue perfect for Sandy Mouche. Maybe next time. Miss you guys. Tired.




9 Responses to “Zürich, Schweiz (Kaufleuten)”

  1. elena Says:

    nice hair, i told you to do something crazy, maybe you’ll come back.
    think of Per at the beginning of Roxette, he was a great singer but the hair surely helped him a lot

  2. Ola Says:

    Would be great! See you soon!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Miss Sandy Mouche too, hope there’ll be a European clubtour for you guys one day…you can ask Per to babysit Mr. X backstage 😉

  4. Alison Says:

    Zurich was great, a fantastic performance from all of you as always… we were all laughing at the crew at the end of the evening loading Mr X’s pram in the van… we knew you had taken Mr X back to the hotel but the crew were rocking the pram pretending he was in there… not sure how many of the fans actually stood outside the back entrance last night actually there was a baby being loading into a van like that! 😉

    Some photos of you in Zurich!


    I have a video as well, but only just got home so it should be maybe tomorrow I’ll link that to you!

    Till London! Thank Helena for signing the banner… I got everyone’s signature on there now except yours!


  5. Anela Says:

    Hi Martin,

    saw your concert with a friend in Zurich and stumbled upon your website. By the way, a really nice blog you got going on here, I hope you keep it going-I can imagine it must be very time consuming.

    The reason I am writing is because I would like to encourage you to show more self esteem on the stage. I know that you wrote that you expect people to throw tomatoes or discourage you when you get on the stage. However, you have no reason to feel this way. Your music is lovely, your lyrics are deep and you are a nice looking guy. But when you came out on the stage in Zurich, you looked as if we were about to hurt you. You are right, people are not there to see you. However, people are there for entertainment and you have nice music to offer. So don’t be afraid of negative comments from the audience. Just get out there and do your thing!
    (By the way, those dance moves don’t work with the kind of music you played. We kind of felt that the moves got in the way of the songs. But again, if this is your signature, please keep doing it. Only you know what will work best for you) Also, may we request an upbeat song in between the love songs?

    I wish you, Helena and your wonderful baby the best for the future. May you go on to make many successful albums.

    Kind Regards,

    • Alberto Fuente (Lantartida) Says:

      I agree. You have nice music to offer, Martin. Just do it!

      Best feelings from Spain!

      • Kamila Says:

        I think it’s time I wrote something about the way you act on stage. Stay as you are. Being a bit shy and showing little self-esteem suits you. I think it’s just the way you are but in the long run it might prevent you from becoming more famous. I guess music business requires you to be more confident.

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