Airport yoga

On the way to München from Zürich we tried some airport yoga to loosen up a little in the neck and back. Try it, you´ll be amazed.


3 Responses to “Airport yoga”

  1. Alison Says:

    I just knew you guys would be somewhere in Zurich airport at the same time I was today… since your flight to Munich was due to leave five minutes after mine to Manchester… I did look around for you all … but hey airports are such busy places and my gate was over in the B section and the Munich gate was over the A section and I was running late, late night at some concert in Zurich, some guy called Gessle (you may have heard of him…) ahhhh I missed you, never mind! I hope the yoga worked for you all, I guess the front row of Zurich could have done with yoga lessons from Helena last night we were so close to the stage we all have neck ache this morning!

    See you in London!

  2. Fan from Canada Says:

    Hello Martinique – Greetings from Canada!

    Thanks for sharing your videos from the tour – they are very informative as well as entertaining! Looks like you are all having a great time!
    I wish I could have made it to Europe to see at least one of the shows, but unfortunately it was not possible. Perhaps you should convince Per & Co to bring the gig to North America!

    By the way – Mr X is very cute and seems to be having a good time as well!

  3. Kamila Says:

    Aaaa so this is the way you kill time at airports… just joking 😉 I have to try it after sitting long hours in front of books or computer screen.

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