München, Germany (Kartoffellhoffeboffehalle)

Not so tired tonight and I went on stage with a smile on my face. A very listening crowd this night it seemed which made me happy. Tried some more robot-rubber moves and I think I pulled it off. Saw some waves out there tonight too and I thank you. Saw a couple staying just a little bit coser on the love song bringing my voice to a little warmer place called the heart or something whatever nothing maybe. Great sound in my in-ear as every night but it felt extra nice tonight in some way. Many cameras out there, you almost don´t need the stage lights =) or maybe you do. Anton Corbijn visited Per tonight but I don´t think he saw my performance.I have met him once before on the photo shoot of “En händig man”. A really nice man.


Backstage showers:

Helena ready to hit the stage

Helena ready to hit the stage


5 Responses to “München, Germany (Kartoffellhoffeboffehalle)”

  1. Alberto Fuente (Lantartida) Says:

    Mother and son! What a nice picture! 🙂

  2. Alison Says:

    Love the videos… great picture!

    Finally a performance of I’m Spiderman from Zurich!

  3. elena Says:

    that’s the song i liked too, is this how it”s called?

    i need lyrics, where are the lyrics and snippets :))

  4. Ana Says:

    More videos please! I love them sooooo!

  5. Kamila Says:

    Beautiful photo. Your couple looks absolutely adorable. I can hear “Sleeping in my car” in the background. One of my favourites. I had been waiting for that one but the band didn’t play it in Warsaw.

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