The rosary

Many of my fans in forums all over the world…………many of you have been wondering about…………….some requests have been made and that is why…….no……..I thought it would be a good post to explain what i´m wearing on my left wrist. Well it´s a rosary that belonged to my grandmother. When she passed away it was given to me. So every night when I perform she is with me on stage looking out for me and making sure i´m doing a good job. She especially enjoyed Warsaw since she was born and have lived there.

Thank you for the pic Elena

Thank you for the pic Elena

On her funeral one of her favourite melodies was played. It´s called Il Silencio and has become one of my favourite melodies too. I´m thinking of doing a cover of it.


7 Responses to “The rosary”

  1. Alison Says:

    I actually did wonder about the Rosary around your wrist but thought it might be too personal to ask. Every day now I wear my mum’s Ruby Gold Cross which she treasured for many years and never took off, it reminds of her and how strong she was, she died almost 7 weeks ago. Please no sad music on the tour, its bad enough listening to Per sing “It Must Have Been Love”, that has me in tears every time…

  2. judse Says:

    Sweet. My grandma, 92, is currently in hospital, she had a stroke, she’ll stay there for about a month and then we’ll see.. 😦 I have no rosary or cross with me because I am no believer, but a picture of her on my mobile phone.
    Alison: *hugs*

  3. Kamila Says:

    My grandma died in March, she was 92 but even though she lived that long I wish she could be here with us for a few more years…

    Could you tell me what your mother’s surname was? I have a distant family living in the Old Town. I wonder whether there is some connection between them and your family.

  4. judse Says:

    Kamila: so sorry to hear 😦

  5. Kamila Says:

    Martin, Alison, judse: it’s so incredibly sad when the loved ones pass away. 😦

    Martin: Could we know how long you’ve lived without your dear grandma? And another question: How many times have you been to Poland? I know that you had a performance with Sandy Mouche in Police, supporting Per was your second time of which we know.

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