Gent, Belgium (Handelsbeurs)

Sitting in the dressing room in the dark just after my apperence. Great experience this evening. Wow I have never been welcomed like this ever =) You who were there (many from Argentina and Spain in the first row) thank you! You made my night very special and it was nice giving you the high 5 before i left the stage.

Tried a Sandy Mouche song this evening since many of you understand French. It was “Le Mistral” which I thought went well. Someone even shouted Sandy mouche! =) And thank you for all the waving! You make me a much better dancer =)

So tonight me and Mr X are waiting for the band to finish because we are all driving home together since we live in Brussels. Goodnight and thanks again.

Doesn´t make sense + backstage (long, sit down while watching):

Lisa´s makeup area

Lisa´s make-up area

We all signed this piece of paper

We all signed this piece of paper

Oh but wait, it doesn´t stop there. I´m right now at the hotel in London finishing this post. After the show I went out to meet the fans with Per and the band. Not that I was expecting anyone to ask for my autograph, I thought it would be nice to film a little. But hey hey it´s never to late to become a mega star over one night and that is just what happened to me.

The fans:

There once was a totally normal guy filming in a room, wait for it….

and wipps, he became a mega star:

Some of them tried out a few of my robot-rubber moves, you go go go guys:

I met Lars-Erik, the man behind Daily Roxette and he told me that he reads my blog (Yihahh) and he gave Mr X a nice Winnie the Pooh pin.

Nice talking to you Sven Erik, Mr X says OOOuuuuaaaaiiiibbyyzzzzz

Nice talking to you Lars-Erik, Mr X says OOOuuuuaaaaiiiibbyyzzzzz


26 Responses to “Gent, Belgium (Handelsbeurs)”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Hej Martin. Kul att det var en bra dag! Vet du om det finns någon möjlighet att få exempelvis cds signerade i Sthlm den 9:e? Skulle vara kanon ju!

    Hälsa C-D och Helena. Ser fram emot lördag!

  2. Agus Says:

    Hey Martin, this is Agus, one of the dancing robots! xDD

    Manolo, the other “Robot Dancing Master”, wave hello!! Tío grandeeee! 😀

    Martin, all the Spanish fans asked Per yesterday to come to Spain. You’re invited too, persuade Per and play you both here! 😀

    BTW, i hope we all can meet together again any time soon, it was a SUPERB night. Say a city and we’ll be there!

    Cheers! 🙂

    • martiniquemusic Says:

      Thanks. I´ll do my best.

    • judse Says:

      hehehe I recognised you 😉 I look forward to Saturday, meeting the crazy Spaniards again.. after so many years.. back to the roots!! Austria gets kind of boring after a while 😉

      • Agus Says:

        Heeey Jud!

        Ten years later and nothing has changed: still playing the fool! 😀 But girl, we had a laugh!

        Hope to see you in November in Germany! 🙂

  3. Bianca Says:

    Hey Martinique, Hey Helena!!!!

    We, brazilian fans, are expecting you and all of your “gang” here in Brazil to play for us!!! We were very excited today when we saw Helena in a vid saying “Brazil” to the camera. It seems she remembered us, admirers of her work and Per, also. We would love you, Martinique, to come here to play and show us your music!

    Hope to hear from you soon! If you could share this about Brazil with Mr. Gessle, we appreciate!

    A big kiss to Helena and to you.
    Remind her, Brazil loves her!!!!


  4. judse Says:

    that’s Lars in the last video! Lars-Erik 🙂

  5. judse Says:

    last photo, not video

  6. ktoto Says:

    Czesc Martinique!

    sorry for ruining the end of one of your videos, but you know, I couldn’t leave without your signature. We had a nice chat in Polish/Swedish. I think it was a bit confusing for you, especially coming from a Spanish guy living in Germany… which was able to attend Helsinki’s concert because was by that time was working in Finland…

    Anyway, see you tonight and I promise we won’t be so noisy this time, we are fewer Spanish fans in London and we lost our voices in Gent. We hope to see you again at the meet & greet and it would be especially nice to meet Helena. You both rock!

    Ha det så bra!

  7. Bianca Says:

    awww, u played “Le Mistral” and I didnt hear that..what a pity..maybe there’s a clip of it on YouTube … I go to check it out now…

  8. Ilya Says:

    Thank you for posting…… Did you play “Le Mistral” indeed? And Per sang Mr. DJ? I’m so damn sorry for not hearing this in Cologne…(((

    Hope to get a DVD soon!

    * I’m now sorting and Photoshoping the pictures from both Hamburg and Cologne, be sure to get some soon!)

  9. Kamila Says:


    I was supposed to be there in Gent but my plans fell flat and I had to stay at home. What a pity! All the band went out to meet&greet! Sometimes you just have to come to terms with the fact that not everything is possible in life. Yet, I hope there will come time to see you all again. Do you think it’s possible for Sandy Mouche to visit Poland again?

    Love, Kamila

  10. Manu Says:

    Hey Martin!!

    What I great Show!! I’m Manu, the another robot-man. Thanks for uploading the videos. I have a nice shot of my wife and you… do you want it??

  11. Ana Says:

    Cool back stage videos! Please film Marie Fredriksson in AMSTERDAM too! She´s soooo great! Do it please!

    You are so cuuuuuute. Puss

  12. Kamila Says:

    I can see that your popularity is growing with every gig. That’s great. The atmosphere is getting better and better as well so I guess the last three concerts in Sweden will be a total blast. What do you think? How many visitors do you have now? It must be more than 200 entries a day. 🙂

    Pozdrowienia z Polski, Kamila

    • martiniquemusic Says:

      Yes it´s getting better and better as we go.
      200-300 a day with a peek of 543 one day.

      • Kamila Says:

        That’s great! I also contribute to this number every day. 🙂 It’s so exciting to read the blog and be so close to the tour and the whole band.

  13. adorrre Says:

    Romania was there too! all ears to hear you singing…you were great in Gent!! impressed all the 5 of us. Too bad I didn’t bumbed into you for a chitchat after the show, would have been a pleasure. Thank you!

  14. Robbie van Bers Says:

    Hi Martin!

    I was @ the Gent gig, but i forgot to buy your single @ the merchandise stand!!!
    Where can i buy your single? can’t seem to find it anywhere!!!

    Greetzzz… Robbie.

  15. Mishka Says:

    OMG, Martinique! I’ve been there and I wanted to get your authograf on the first e.p. Sandy Mouche but I didn’t see you and I thought you’re gone. Maybe I was blind…
    Maybe some day later!
    Thanks for the wonderful show!

    p.s. vart kan man skicka na.gra bilder av dig fra.n konserter?

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