London, England (Carling Academy Islington)

Back at the hotel and waiting for some room service. My belly is at the point where within two minutes it will start doing noices and hurt so lets hope someone knocks pretty soon. Ok the gig then……nice…..very nice. Nice venue with two floors and the floors were pretty crowded tonight giving the whole atmosphere a sweaty touch. Thank you for a very nice greeting when I entered the stage, you are really starting to spoil me 😉 and I love it.

Someone said that Justin Hawkins from the group The Darkness was in the audience tonight. I hope so, he is a great singer.

Tried a new song tonight called “My Love” which we added to my set. Sounds a bit different than the others and has a more up tempo feel to it. It´s a shorty though, 1,5 minutes I think but it´s a good 1,5 minutes for me.

Helena was really kind to me today, letting me sleep until 14.00 and really letting me get in touch with my fatigue which I met in one of the dreams I had (pretty nice bloke). So before my performance I was feeling a bit low pulsish like everything moved in slow motion. (–Knock knock room service.) I tried to increase the pulse before entering and it may have worked a little bit. I didn´t fall asleep anyway.

Many guests backstage tonight although not in my movies.


This is how it looked through my eyes tonight:


9 Responses to “London, England (Carling Academy Islington)”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Hi again Martin.

    Me and my sambo (what is it called?) really like Le Mistral and had it on repeat today and really looking forward to seeing to on Saturday. Hope you’ll play it then as well, but it will also be exciting to hear your new song if you’ll play it at Cirkus.

    Is Helena going to sing with you as well on some shows or did you just do that in the rehersals? It would be nice to see both of you on stage together. 🙂

    See you soon.

    • martiniquemusic Says:

      Hi, i´m, glad you like it. I don´t think we will sing together on this tour but hopefully on another. Sambo = person with whom one lives, partner, common-law spouse, co-habitee, co-habiter.

  2. Neil Curran Says:

    Just back from the gig myself and had a great time. I really enjoyed your performance actually. (I am the one in the Roxette join the joyride tour t-shirt in the front row). Your songs are really good and you have a good stage presence….though you did seem a little nervous at first (I may be wrong). I wanted to pick up your CD before I left, but I had forgotten to take cash out before the gig, so I couldnt buy any merchandise. I may be going to the Stockholm gig on saturday (though I havent finally decided yet), so if I am there I will pick it up then. I took a video of one of your performances as well, so I’ll post that there when it’s finished uploading to youtube!

  3. Neil Curran Says:

    Here is the video:

  4. Ana Says:

    Very nice back stage videos. Please film Marie Fredriksson in AMSTERDAM too! She´s sooo great! Do it please!

    You are so cuuuuuute. Puss

  5. Erik Johansson Says:

    You were absolutely fantastic as always !
    Great video on the audience btw =)
    C ya in Sthlm x2

  6. Lars-Erik Olson Says:

    Really enjoyed your performance in London, and loved (as did the crowd) that you brought out your video camera for a short while. I see that Erik (previous comment above) was front and center, singing along! See ‘ya in New York!

  7. ktoto Says:

    I really liked the new song! I think it is a good decision to add it to your setlist, faster songs are always better for opening acts! I’m Spiderman is my favorite from your solo work, but “my love” might be up in my personal ranking fast. I just need to heard it more, so please play it in Stockholm!

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