London (day off)

Me and Mr X went to look for an electric bass that i´ve been interested in a while now. We went to Denmark street which was packed with guitars and basses. Found some cool Vox guitars and a Vox bass but I didn´t go for it. Waiting for the perfect Fender precision or an early 80s Tokai. No luck this time but it was fun to see all the ladies.

I think I found Denmark street dad

I think I found Denmark street dad

Yepp there it is, good work son. Now come on and sing with me boy!!!
All the ladies in the house come on let me hear you say WEOO!!!??



All the girls in the house come on let me hear you say WE WE OO!!!??



Is there a princess in da house then let me open your blouse and come on and let me hear you say YIIIHAAAA!!!??



In the evening we ate in a classic british pub with Helena. Everything was cool until about 18.00 when the place got crowded in 5 minutes by grey-haired men in suits. Some after work or something so we flew.

Helena had her first ever Guinness (it was my second ever, we´re no beer drinkers). Mr X had his first ever Staropramen.

Helena had her first ever Guinness (it was my second ever, we´re no beer drinkers). Mr X had his first ever Staropramen.

Helena went to see the play War Horse which she thought was really great. It´s about a boy and his horse. The father sells the horse to the first world war and the ffoy heads off booking for it. I mean the boy heads off looking for it. Really well done and the tears were flowing this evening.

Great play. Go see it if you can.

Great play. Go see it if you can.

I stayed at the hotel searching for a good club sample cd on the internet. There are quite a few out there folks. And that was about it. Baaaaaaaa.


13 Responses to “London (day off)”

  1. johan den ljuve Says:

    Hej kompis. Grymt kul att se dig in action på filmsnuttarna. Ser att du trivs och mår fint. Saknar dina överskruvade forehandslag fortfarande. Kan du beskriva giget med Marie. Det skrivs ju en del om det här i tidningarna. Var det magiskt? Ha det fortsatt fint Marre. Skit ner dig. Haj.

    • martiniquemusic Says:

      Tjena Johan! Kul att du följer mig =) Gigget var bra. Jag såg inte det men det var tydligen väldigt häftigt så klart och kul. Nä nu får vi fan snart ta och lira lite äkta homogen ping pong. Börja ju bli helt konstig här utan några bord alls. Hörs! Haj haj!

  2. Paps Says:

    Hello my dear ones, keep up the god work. “le Mistral” is a favorite one and I think an upbeat should alos fit in very fine. See y all soon.

  3. Ilya Says:

    Dear Martinique! I started sorting videos at last, so…. I don’t know actually, but really hope you like this one. I filmed it on my mobile phone, so the video isn’t that great, but the sound might be fine….)))

    Thank you once again for presenting us that fantastic fest!! That was an amazing adventure I will never forget!))

    You will get all the pictures and the videos as well like usual if you won’t mind, ok? May I? ))

    PS> Picture of Helena in glasses with little cutie Mr.X on the knees is fantastic!)

  4. Alberto Fuente (Lantartida) Says:

    Hi! I wish you are having a great time touring Europe. Nice to know your pictures of London (I am going to live in London next September).

    Greetings from Spain

  5. Kamila Says:

    Funny photo of Helena wearing glasses and Mr. X! Good luck with the Swedish concerts! I wish I could be there. 😦

  6. ktoto Says:

    Packing for Stockholm…

    I guess touring and having a small kid makes it difficult to have energy for much more, but these will be the last shows, so I hope you can convince Helena to make an effort so that we can see her at the meet&greets. Of course it would be nice to have another chat with you too.

    If that will not be possible, tell her hello from the Spanish fans, we had lot of fun at the Händig man tour (she put on our T-shirt “I’m a Gessle addict” in Västerås after the show) as well as on this tour (rabbit ears :)). She is always a big supporter of the funny-stupid-crazy things we make on every tour! We love having fun and laughing at ourselves and so does she! she is great!

    Förresten, Mr X är jättesöt!

  7. Alison Says:


    Sounds like you all had fun in London! There were sure a lot of guitars to choose from in that place you visited! London’s great, expensive but great!

    Amsterdam was fantastic last night! Your performance was great, you even laughed through the error with the battery pack… at least I think they were changing your batteries at the start of your performance! 😉 I’ve noted with each show I have watched your confidence has grown on the stage.

    Sadly I am no longer going to Halmstad and Stockholm. I made it to Stockholm this morning from Amsterdam (shared my flight with Åsa & Dimberg!) but then when I got there, I arranged a flight back home to Manchester, it’s been a crazy few weeks but I’ve enjoyed each show I just felt it was time to go home… I am sad I’ll miss your final three performances – actually not bothered about missing Per (don’t tell him I said that!) but sad to not see you on the stage again… don’t keep me waiting too long for a club tour!

    I’ll be thinking of you for the final three shows… finally some photos from Amsterdam!


    • martiniquemusic Says:

      Thank you for your support and hey, hope to see you soon on a stage in a club somewhere, keep your ears and eyes open 😉

  8. Daniel Says:

    Hehe… Helena gör en äkta Mamma mu på guinness kortet… pop-off så att säga…. swing!

  9. Anderson Trevisan Says:

    Didn´t I tell you your kid is the most beautiful baby that I ever seen in my whole life? Congratulations for you and Helena!

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