Stockholm x 2, Sweden (Cirkus)

Pew, the two last shows are over and the last bit of energy I had is gone. I´m in zombie-mode waiting to wake up. Maybe in a week or so.

The shows went great I think. The first one was a little more nervous because they were filming for a DVD. I don´t know if my performance will be included but still the cameras were there and it effected my playing a little. The good thing is that after 14 shows your fingers work by themselves so although I had a million thoughts running through my head as I performed I managed to pull it off. The second show was the best show on the whole tour for me. I felt relaxed and everything just felt right. Great audience that gave me nice energy to work with. I could really feel that this was the last night of the tour and it was special.

I had two friends on the guest list this evening and them being there also made this night special to me.


On stage:

The great fans:


9 Responses to “Stockholm x 2, Sweden (Cirkus)”

  1. Alison Says:

    Thanks for a fantastic six shows and for appearing last night, I refused to go and get the bus till I had my photo with you, much to the annoyance of my friends! Lol 😉 Still it worked… thanks for the photo!

    I have some photos from both Stockholm shows that can be found here…

    Take care and enjoy the much deserved rest now… love to you, Helena and Mr X! 🙂

  2. Johanna & Martin Says:

    Hi again Martin. I guess our last post was somewhat destroyed on the way, but anyway. We saw the concert at Cirkus this Saturday and we looked everywhere for your EP and the merchandise but we never saw anything.
    Was it sold out? 😦

    We would have loved to bought your cd and got it signed as well.

    Thanks for a lovely tour.

  3. larseriknyc Says:

    Hej Martin! You know, I’m watching these videos… as I have all the others… with a big grin on my face. It’s been fun watching YOU have fun! Certainly your followers who have visited your blog appreciate the investment of time you’ve put into it. Speaking of followers, you may not have been the most “famous” warm-up act Per’s ever had… but the fans I’ve spoken to really like you. I don’t think anyone has ever won over Per’s existing fan base the way you have. Thanks for that my friend, and maybe we can talk about getting you here to the Big Apple to play here someday soon. Not a bad idea, huh?

    • martiniquemusic Says:

      Hi Lars Erik. Thank you it´s been fun having this blog and I must say that Per´s fans are great. I would love to come and play in NYC, i´ve never been there. Take care and just say hoy hoyto me if you got something going on over there.

  4. Erik Johansson Says:

    Tack för allt Martin.
    Dina låtar är verkligen vackra och talar direkt till hjärtat…

    Hoppas vi ses snart igen på ett eller annat sätt. Tråkigt att jag missade att prata med dig efter spelningen i söndags, hade ju ett jobb jag skulle till vid 5 så var lite sliten…

    Best wishes

  5. Neil Curran Says:

    Sunday night looks like it was a lot of fun. I was at the london gig and then the first stockholm gig on saturday, but unfortunately I had to fly back on sunday night for work on monday morning 😦
    I was desperate to see Marie on stage (to be honest I am a much bigger fan of her than I am of Per), and now to rub more salt in the wounds I see I could have met you after the concert as well! Anyway, I enjoyed your performance on saturday again, and I bought the EP that night as well. Hope I’ll get to see you perform again sometime. Glad you seem to have had a lot of fun on this tour!

  6. ktoto Says:

    Vad synd att vi (spanjorer) stack iväg innan du kom ut i söndags… men vi träffades åtmistone i Gent.

    Det var jättefint att få träffa Helena i lördags. Hon insåg att jag hade klippt mit hår mellan Londons och Stockholms konsert, hur uppmärksam! hon är så snäll och har en underbar röst! vi älskar henne 🙂

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