Thank you all for visiting this blog. It´s been fun posting for you and getting such support from you throughout the whole tour. Without you readers and show visitors this tour wouldn´t have been as fun as it was. Per´s fans, you are incredible fans I must say and it was a joy talking to some of you.

This is my final post on this blog but I will not disappear. You will find me on my myspace site and of course the Sandy Mouche site We have new stuff going on with Sandy so stay tuned. We are at home resting and Helena and Mr X says hi.

Bye for now…………………–But Mr Bear!??…….–Shut up! Can´t you see i´m watching tv!!

The Beverly Hills are alive, with the sound of music....

The Beverly Hills are alive, with the sound of music....




14 Responses to “Goodbye”

  1. Ilya Says:

    I don’t wanna say bye at all, so I’ll say you “see you very soon again!” and of course thank you for the incredible show you created with the other band members!)))))

    All the warmest and most kind regards to Helena and Mr. X!
    Rox on!)

  2. elena Says:

    thank you for your support and time to run this blog, maybe we’ll meet again with another tour

    should have been nice to read more about like in Sweden, but good luck with your projects. i send some questions on the Myspace than, because i waited for you to finish this tour.

    thank you

  3. Alberto Fuente (Lantartida) Says:

    Thank you for the blog. For all the fans that could not go to any gig, your blog has been an interesting way to follow the tour.

    Good luck in all your projects. Kind regards to your family!

  4. ailsa Says:

    *sigh* i’m gonna miss your blog!
    thanks for a great tour 🙂 your performances were really great!
    don’t be a stranger, love to Helena and Mr X
    ailsa xxx

  5. Neil Curran Says:

    The blog was a great idea, so thanks for doing it. It was great to read about the tour from your perspective. Now I hope you enjoy sitting back enjoying some relaxing time with the family!

  6. Sarah Says:

    TACK för att du bloggade under turnén & njut av familjelivet hemma i Skåne nu!!!

    Hoppas vi får höra mer Martinique & Sandy Mouche snart 🙂

    Kramar från Holland!!!

  7. ktoto Says:

    Tack for letting us know how the tour was “bakom kulisserna”.

    You three are a cute family! I will be eagerly waiting for the new Sandy Mouche material and your solo projects (both from Helena’s and yours).

    By the way, any plans to put out “My love”? it is a nice song 😉

  8. johan "Jan-Ove" Wilen Says:

    Thanx for blogging you stud. Hope seing you soon at the other side of the tabletennis-table. I will beat you with the backside of a fryingpan.

  9. Fernando Says:

    Hello..Salutes from Santiago de Chile..a Fan of Sandy Mouche and yours too..waiting for that new album and that new feeling..and for the new helena proyect..great blog..and great see you..salutes!

  10. Alison Says:

    Thanks for blogging, take care! x

  11. Mishka Says:

    THANKS, Martin!
    Everything was supergreat!
    Vi ses igen na.nstans! =))

  12. Kamila Says:

    See you somewhere on the net and in real! It’s been a wonderful time but now it’s time to get back to stark reality.

    Love, Kamila

  13. Claudia Says:

    I would like to thank you very much for this very nice and informative blog with a really interesting look behind the scenes of touring, etc. you put so much effort in. I wish you good luck for the future for both your professional and private life (same goes for Helena and Mr X). Mr X is really too cute (well done!) and I hope for some more like him for Helena and you. (Don’t forget to teach him Polish, some day he will be grateful that he didn’t have to study vocabulary for ages.) I really liked your German, it was so good, you should have practiced some more! I have your CD and you should make your music available somehow, people forgot to buy the CD in the merchandise and would like to get their hands on it now. Hope to hear from you soon – and hopefully, there will be a new blog, tour and so on… 🙂 (Touring is addictive, isn’t it!)

  14. Ilya Says:

    Martinique! Please, check your postal box, because a postal reminder was written once again for you on 1 June according to, please, pick up the envelope…)))) Tack!)

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